Creating Vibrant

In a post-pandemic world, the role of the office in the toolkit of a business has changed.
As part of a hybrid working model, occupiers are demanding flexible terms, smaller footprints and collaboration rather than administration.
NewFlex gives our landlord partners a competitive advantage by offering occupiers a compelling fusion of vibrant brands, innovative products and invaluable support, specifically curated to each building.

Our brands

We offer an unrivalled range of branded solutions for every type of building, in every type of location, for every type of occupier. Including the flexibility to develop your own brand. All enabled by flexible management contracts where we are invested in making money for you.
Bold locations are creative environments designed to inspire innovative thinking and collaboration, while maintaining a healthy balance between private meetings and flexible working.
Offering exceptional value for businesses on a budget, Citibase has a 25 year track record in creating a good quality product delivered with exceptional service. Citibase pioneered the flex space concept and remains a market leader today with 40+ business centres from Aberdeen to Brighton.
Housed in the impressive and unique Insurance Hall, Fredericks is a stunning place for any business to call home.
A thriving business hub, members can enjoy exceptional workspace, meeting rooms, coworking and communal areas.
We work with you to bring your vision for your building strategy and portfolio to profitable life. Your brand. Our management capability. The only limit is your imagination.

Our products

At NewFlex, we offer a variety of products designed to give occupiers the choice they need. Our flexibility is unrivalled and allows NewFlex to keep our centres at an optimum occupancy all year round.
Your office, right where you need it. With Customised, we work with you to create your ideal office space from an existing space within our portfolio. Our team work at speed and can open your ideal office in as little as six weeks.
The ‘Hybrid Office’ allows businesses to maintain their own managed smaller head office in addition to regional and suburban micro-hubs, all on a needsbasis, to accommodate a blend of working from home and office.
We’re dedicated to finding the perfect solution and creating a space we’re sure you’ll love. Our team will work to ensure the location suits you perfectly, and the designs showcase your unique brand.
This frees businesses from expensive office space and affords them the opportunity to rent a branded, designed and innovative space once a week or fortnight, for team get togethers.
Through QUAD, we apply our unrivalled experience to provide advice and consultancy to our clients to truly maximise their asset.